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Clone Capital, LLC Becomes NAEMA’s Newest Associated Member

Published:June 29, 2020

Clone Capital, LLC is now an Associated Member of the North American Energy Markets Association (NAEMA).

Clone Capital’s Member Representative is Dean Akey and their Alternate Member Representative is Anand Balakrishnan.

About Clone Capital

Clone Capital currently provides commercial advisory services, hedge origination and analytics for 12 power generation facilities with a total capacity of over 7,000MW covering five ISO’s across the United States.

Our team has over seven decades of experience in the energy markets. We’ve worked for, worked with, and virtually represented active and passive investors, tax equity investors, lenders, power generation owners, public and private sector utilities, energy storage, renewable and thermal generation project developers, trading and marketing organizations, OEMs and EPC contractors, and many more. We think like you and, most importantly, we understand your portfolio. If your generation project or investment is under-performing, we can show you why and, equally important, what, if anything, can be done from a commercial perspective to reverse this trend.

We believe that optimizing portfolios and evaluating big investment decisions doesn’t have to be overly complicated. The key to maximizing portfolio performance is the right mix of tools, resources and commercial expertise. We invest all of our experience and energy into delivering positive results and making a difference in your business.  Clone Capital provides the following services:

  • Risk & Commercial Management
    • We provide risk and commercial advisory services for power generation, natural gas transportation, and storage owners. Leveraging our analytical and trading experience, we provide valuation, risk measurement, and hedge advisory to maximize the value of our clients’ assets. We also assist clients during the hedge execution process with contracts, procurement and evaluation of bids, and analyzing credit risk and margining requirements for hedges.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Due Diligence
    • We assist clients in the asset acquisition process by providing asset and portfolio valuation services, market intelligence, risk-reward analysis, and identifying strategies to enhance the value of the investments. A comprehensive understanding and pricing of market risk is critical in today’s rapidly evolving energy industry.
  • Trading Infrastructure
    • We work with clients as they build and set up their trading and asset management infrastructure – risk systems, subscriptions, trading platforms, contracts, counterparty introductions, risk policy, and controls, as well as other middle and back office processes.

For more information, please visit:  https://www.clonecap.com/

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