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Benefits of Membership

NAEMA membership benefits:

Industry Leading Networking and Educational Events

  • NAEMA holds annual Spring and Fall conferences
    • Outstanding networking, relationship building, and business development opportunities
    • Training and education that enhance member professional competence
    • A resource to keep abreast of industry trends; enabling members to stay “ahead of the curve” and capitalize on such trends
    • Conference hosting and sponsorships provide member organizations with excellent promotional opportunities
    • Members enjoy significantly discounted Conference registration fees
  • NAEMA offers “virtual,” web-based education/training opportunities in between the Conferences

Access to Valuable Member-Only Information at NAEMA’s website:

  • Detailed member contact information
  • Member and non-member RFPs and ability to post and send RFPs to NAEMA members and non-members
  • Member Job Postings and ability to post and send Job Postings to NAEMA members


  • NAEMA’s annual membership dues are very cost-effective, among the lowest in the industry:
    • $3,000 for Market & Associated Members 
  • NAEMA’s Conference registrations fees are also very affordable; we seek to break-even on our conferences:
    • $525/registration for Members
    • $1,025/registration for Non-Members
  • NAEMA’s Virtual Presentation Series events are free to Members; Non-Members pay $50/attendee.


  • NAEMA develops and maintains power, gas, and renewable energy contracts and transaction templates
    • Power and Gas Master Agreement
    • NAEMA Capacity and Energy Tariff
    • State specific templates for Renewable Energy Certificates


  • NAEMA promotes mutual respect among members, regulatory agencies, marketplace participants, regional transmission organizations and independent transmission system operators