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Enel X – Dow Chemical Company: RFB Solicitation for MISO Zonal Resource Credits

Published:June 6, 2023

NAEMA is announcing this RFP on behalf of our member Enel X.

Enel X is pleased to announce the upcoming Request for Bids (“RFB”) on behalf of Dow Chemical Company for Planning Years 2024 and 2025 MISO Zonal Resource Credits – Local Resource Zone 9.

RFP Overview

The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) is seeking to sell MISO Zonal Resource Credits (“ZRCs”) from Load Resource Zone (“LRZ”) 9 via a structured Request for Bids (“RFB”) administered by Enel X. Dow will accept bids for Planning Years (“PY”) 2024 and 2025 for Dow resources located within Zone 9, as detailed below, via sealed bid forward online auction on the Enel X Auction Platform scheduled to open for bids beginning on Wednesday, June 21, 2023 at 8:00 AM CT and closing on Wednesday, June 21, 2023 at 3:00 PM CT.

Details of Sought Products, Contracts

Complete product and RFB details can be found within the RFB document and on the Dow Announcement Webpage hosted on the Enel X Platform.

Near-Term Perquisite Bidder Participation Requirement(s)

Bidders interested in participating within this RFB must submit an RSVP notice via email to wholesaleops.enelxnorthamerica@enel.com by Friday, June 16, 2023 at 3:00 PM CT
Deadline to Complete Enablement Requests: Monday, June 19, 2023 by 3:00 PM CT
Sealed Bid Pricing Event for Dow will occur: Wednesday, June 21, 2023 from 8:00 AM CT to 3:00 PM CT (9:00 AM ET to 4:00 PM ET)