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EVO Seeking Bids: on behalf of Sabanci Renewables

Published:April 25, 2023

NAEMA is posting this RFB on behalf of our member, Evolution Markets (EVO) and their client Sabanci Renewables.


Evolution Markets, on behalf of Sabanci Renewables (Austin, TX), is pleased to offer the sale of long term project Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) from Cutlass II Solar, a 272 Mw DC/200 Mw AC project in metro Houston (Fort Bend County, ERCOT Houston Zone).  Cutlass II Solar is offering SRECs equivalent to 60 Mw (30% of project rated AC).

Cutlass II Solar is under construction.

This is a PDF summary of the Cutlass II SREC opportunity.

All questions or communications regarding this RFI should be submitted via email to Brian Beebe, Evolution Markets, bbeebe@evomarkets.com.