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Great Lakes Utilities – Amended Request for Proposal

Published:October 11, 2021

The below amended RFP information is being forwarded on behalf of Great Lakes Utilities.

Note that the RFP has been amended to add in a request for a 30-year capacity product.  See below for the amended RFP document.

Great Lakes Utilities (“GLU”) is a municipal electric company formed under Section 66.0825, Wis Stats.  As such, it is a public body and a political subdivision of the State of Wisconsin, with a separate legal status from that of its members.  GLU was formed in 2000 in order to become a vehicle for obtaining low cost and reliable electric power for its members.  GLU is currently forecasting that it will need additional capacity and energy resources beginning in 2022 and is in the process of planning for how to obtain those resources.

GLU is requesting proposals from electric suppliers to supply short-term and/or long-term energy and capacity resources to meet a portion of its members’ projected load requirements.  GLU is willing to entertain any viable alternative to meet its energy and capacity requirements including block energy products, tolling agreements, etc.  Suppliers may submit proposals for energy with standard detailed information being provided in the RFP Response Package.  The requested start date for the capacity purchases is June 1, 2023 and for energy purchases is January 1, 2022.

Following is the the amended RFP document: