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Madison Gas and Electric – Generation Operations Supervisor – Job Opportunity

Published:July 3, 2024

The North American Energy Markets Association is pleased to announce this job opportunity on behalf of our member Madison Gas and Electric.

Provide the Company with technical and supervisory expertise necessary to operate, control, and monitor generation resources on the bulk electric system on a 24-hour basis within the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) market.


  • Meets customer demands for electric energy, ensures stability and reliability of the bulk electric system as it pertains to real-time functions, assures equitable delivery of generated power from jointly owned generating facilities, and coordinates MGE-owned generating facilities.
  • Has the authority during emergency conditions to take or direct timely and appropriate real-time actions, has the authority to shed firm load to prevent or alleviate System Operating Limit Interconnection or Reliability Operating Limit violations, complies with all applicable North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Reliability Standards, as well as any Midwest Reliability Organization (MRO) Standards.
  • Ensures the safety of personnel and equipment involved in all areas of generation control.
  • Complies with all NERC Reliability Standards and MRO, MISO, and all other regulatory policies and procedures including the authority to shed firm load. This responsibility requires the employee to be aware of and understand the Reliability Standards and policies and procedures that affect this position.
  • As the Balancing Authority, is responsible for and has the authority to implement real-time actions to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the bulk power system. These actions may be performed at the sole discretion of the Generation Operations Supervisor (GOS) without obtaining approval from higher-level personnel.
  • Manages the Company’s Generation Assets in the MISO market. Responds to MISO dispatch signals, including reserve deployments, and complies with all MISO policies and procedures.
  • Monitors critical aspects of electric energy systems including electric system load, frequency, and voltage; MISO electric area control error; electric energy flow from system generation and interconnections; and weather forecasts/changes that can have an impact on system operations as a Balancing Authority.
  • Directs and coordinates various operations while ensuring the safety of Company personnel, Company equipment, and the general public. These may be critical or potentially hazardous functions required for the electric system including electric generation unit control for safety, stability, and optimization.
  • Takes immediate and appropriate response to system disturbances while ensuring the safety of Company personnel, Company equipment, and the general public including analyzing events, alarms, or indicators signaling the disturbance; initiates corrective actions necessary to minimize outages and/or possible equipment damage during the disturbance; takes steps to eliminate the problem or prevent its escalation; and notifies other Operations personnel as appropriate.
  • Anticipates and properly responds to variations in system conditions including monitoring/controlling the generators; meeting requirements for generating changes, voltage schedules for generators, and reserve requirements; and monitoring/controlling gas flow levels to be consistent with daily gas nominations.
  • Makes system energy and fuel supply changes to comply with state and federal environmental regulations including Clean Air Action Days and Emergency Plans.
  • Coordinates scheduled generation outages, records forced generation outages in Control Room Operation Window, matches generation to load, maintains operating reserves, maintains records of joint plant operation, and maintains tie line accuracy. Monitors compliance with Must-Offer requirements.
  • Initiates requests for and supplies information to various internal and external Company contacts. Within the Company, this may be all management levels and many nonsupervisory personnel. Outside the Company, contacts may include neighboring control area operators; Balancing Authorities; Load-Serving Entities; MISO; American Transmission Company, LLC (ATC); International Transmission Company (ITC) personnel; joint power plant personnel; meteorologists; individual customers; and transmission providers.
  • Indirectly controls/coordinates generation plant personnel through the plant Operations Supervisors to ensure adequate generation and availability of all generating equipment.
  • Continues education during formal training sessions, on-the-job training, and self-training concerning all aspects of the job. Completes all required training. Maintains NERC certification by accumulating the required amount of annual continuing education credits.
  • Shows initiative and puts forth a diligent effort for continuing their education during formal training sessions, on-the-job training, and self-training. The level of effort expended in training will be a significant factor in performance evaluations.
  • Prepares various lists, forecasts, and logs including hourly, daily, and monthly generation schedules; operating expenses; daily electric and gas load forecasts; and daily consumption for system operation and electric generation.
  • Is able to assist the Manager Generation Operations and perform Day-Ahead Generation Operations responsibilities in the MISO market.
  • Maintains various records for reconciliation/accounting purposes and as verification/reference sources regarding system conditions and daily operations including records, logs, files, recording instruments, static diagrams, charts, and routine entry of data into the computer at specified hourly, daily, and monthly intervals or as required.
  • Contributes policy, procedure, and practice suggestions to management on all aspects of operations in an effort to continually improve corporate efficiency, reliability, and customer service. Strives to find ways to achieve articulated corporate and departmental goals.
  • Performs other duties as required or as assigned.

Education and Experience

  • Two-year technical degree in a power-related field or two years of college or equivalent.
  • Entry-level to one year of experience in various aspects of electric systems operation or equivalent work experience required.
  • Within 12 months of starting date, successful completion of Company’s internal GOS Training Program designed for employees new to system operations.
  • Attain and/or maintain NERC certification of at least the Balancing Authority/Transmission level within six months of hire date.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Able to supervise self and functionally direct others including planning, organizing, and controlling various work activities.
  • Able to accumulate data rapidly and accurately; forecast conditions based on good diagnostic, analytic, and evaluative skills; and take appropriate action during both normal and emergency conditions.
  • Demonstrate poise and good judgment under stressful conditions.
  • Physically and psychologically able to tolerate working a rotating shift.
  • Able to be on call to provide assistance and backup support when needed.
  • Good written and oral communication skills.
  • Human relations skills necessary for cooperative relationships with supervisory personnel, peers, and field personnel.
  • Basic knowledge in mathematics, electrical theory, computer applications, and general science is required.
  • The GOS I position requires general working knowledge of interconnected operations of the power system and full working knowledge of Company generation facilities, interconnection operation, NERC Reliability Standards, the normal and emergency operating policies and procedures that govern system operations, and the MISO, MRO, ITC, and ATC guides and regulations that apply.

AA/EOE-Minorities/Females/Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation/Disabled/Vets

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