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New Market Member – Intersect Power

Published:June 4, 2021

NAEMA is very pleased to announce that Intersect Power is NAEMA’s newest Market Member.

Intersect Power’s Member Representative is Ashley Ciccarelli and their Alternate Member Representative is Arman Malek. Contact information is as follows:

Ashley Ciccarelli
Head of Origination and Power Marketing
(917) 226-7185

Arman Malek
Origination Specialist
(713) 907-6663

About Intersect Power
Founded in 2016, Intersect Power is a clean energy company bringing efficient, innovative, and scalable low-carbon solutions to its customers in energy and commodity markets. Our expertise includes all phases of development, design, engineering, finance and operations. Intersect Power has a portfolio of 2.4 GWDC of late-stage solar and storage projects that will be in operation by 2023 and an emerging pipeline of early stage clean energy assets.

Intersect Power navigates the uncertainties of clean infrastructure development, ownership, and operations to provide our customers with viable and competitive low-carbon solutions. We identify suitable land with access to end markets; permit that land; engineer, construct, and design projects; market the outputs; obtain financing; and facilitate long-term ownership and operations. We have a demonstrated ability to consistently create value for our customers, partners, and investors. Our team has developed 3.7 GWDC of assets with a portfolio value of more than $8 billion.

Click on this link for Intersect Power’s website