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New Market Member – JERA Americas Inc.

Published:January 30, 2023

NAEMA is pleased to announce that JERA Americas Inc. (JERA) is now a Market Member of the North American Energy Markets Association.

JERA’s member representative is William Paxton. Their alternate representative is Benjamin McEachern. Their contact information is as follows:

William Paxton
Manager – Commercial
1000 Main St, Suite 3100
Houston TX 77002

Benjamin McEachern
Vice President – Commercial
1000 Main St., Suite 3100
Houston TX 77002

About JERA:

JERA Americas is supporting an energy transition in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. The Company is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based JERA, which stands for Japan’s Energy for a New Era, and produces about 30% of all electricity in Japan. JERA is committed to achieving net zero CO2 emissions from its domestic and overseas businesses by 2050 and is contributing to the development of a sustainable society.