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New Market Member – Rainbow Energy Center, LLC

Published:February 8, 2024

NAEMA is pleased to announce that Rainbow Energy Center, LLC (Rainbow) is now a Market Member of the North American Energy Markets Association.

Rainbow’s member representative is Ryan Davis. Their alternate representative is Chris Faul. Their contact information is as follows:

Ryan Davis
Energy Director
918 E Divide Ave., Suite 400
Bismarck, ND 50501

Chris Faul
Vice President Operations
918 E Divide Ave., Suite 400
Bismarck, ND 50501

About Rainbow Energy Center, LLC:

Rainbow Energy Center, LLC (REC) is the proud owner of Coal Creek Station. Nexus Line, LLC, REC’s sister company, owns the high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line that transmits power from Coal Creek Station, to the Dickinson converter station located near Buffalo, MN. Together, our team works to maximize efficient energy production and sound energy management to unlock the energy sector’s full potential. REC is working diligently to capitalize on innovative technologies so that future generations have sustainable energy solutions.