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TEA – Muscatine Power & Water Solar Generation RFP

Published:March 30, 2021

The following RFP information is posted at the request of The Energy Authority (“TEA”), on behalf of Muscatine Power & Water (“MPW”).

Muscatine Power & Water (MPW) is a non-profit municipal utility providing water, electric, and communications services serving approximately 25 square miles in and around the city of Muscatine, Iowa. MPW buys/sells all energy consumed/generated through direct participation in the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) wholesale market (zone 3) and is the Local Balancing Authority (LBA) for its own system.

MPW’s mission is to competitively meet the needs and expectations of customers with an environmentally responsible and unique mix of services – for the direct benefit of the community. In keeping with its mission, MPW is seeking bids for two sets of Full-Attribute Solar Generation projects. MPW is seeking bids for a solar generation Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) at (1) an existing water wellfield and (2) at developer-sited locations. MPW also requests optional bids for engineering & procurement services as an alternative to any proposed PPA at the MPW-owned Grandview Wellfield Site. A construction estimate is required alongside this optional bid, however, any construction contract is required to go through a separate competitive bid and award process.

The preferred Commercial Operation Date (COD) is 2023. MPW is seeking to retain or resell all energy, capacity, and renewable attributes of the proposed projects. Projects may be solar only or solar coupled with a battery electric storage system (BESS). Projects should be optimized to provide the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE) within the constraints provided. MPW is open to alternate project configurations provided they would deliver a net value to the utility and its customer owners. Key tenets of project consideration are project viability, price, congestion risk, equipment performance, and deliverability.

Key initial RFP deadlines are as follows:

  • RFP Announced: 3/29/2021
  • Pre-Proposal Conference: 4/7/2021
  • Notice of Intent to Respond Due: 4/9/2021
  • RFP Response Due: 5/1/2021

As a trusted public power affiliate, The Energy Authority (TEA) is the administrator for this Request for Proposals (RFP).

Click on this link for TEA’s Procurement site and to access the RFP document, schedule details, and term sheet.

For questions, please email: MPWRFP@teainc.org