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Update: Minnesota Power 2023 Solar Power RFP

Published:December 11, 2023

The North American Energy Markets Association is posting this update on behalf of our member Minnesota Power.


Minnesota Power is seeking proposals for up to 300 megawatts of solar energy:

Minnesota Power has important updates to communicate to bidders on the timeline for the RFP seeking up to 300 MW of solar energy and on additional requirements.

Minnesota Power is extending the deadline for proposal submittals.  The deadline for submittal is changing from January 5, 2024 to January 17, 2024.  The proposal is due by 5 p.m. CST.  Minnesota Power received request from bidders to extend the deadline due to the holidays and to put together a more complete bid package.  To ensure the quality of bids and to respect peoples time over the holidays the deadline is extended.   There is a new addendum with the revised timeline posted to the RFP site.

Minnesota Power is also extending the deadline for asking questions.  The RFP team will accept questions through January 5th.  During the week December 25th it will take additional time for the team to respond due to the holidays.  Please submit all questions to the email SolarRFP@mnpower.com with the independent evaluator copied at rebecca@levelizedconsulting.com.  All responses to questions are posted at the solar RFP site here https://www.mnpower.com/Environment/SolarRFP.  We suggest potential bidders go to the RFP site to review questions.

Minnesota Power is requesting that if bidders have redlines to the NDA please submit those by January 5th.  That gives the RFP team time to review and determine if the changes are acceptable prior to the submittal deadline.

Lastly, additional requirements for the Solar Technical Specifications have been posted to the RFP site.  The additional requirements are to meet IEEE1547-2018 and Minnesota Power Technical Specifications Manual, as well as additional grounding and isolation requirements.  The additional requirements can be found in “Attachment D – Solar Technical Specification Addendum 01”.

We appreciate the interest expressed in the solar RFP and look forward to reviewing submittals in January.  Please send all communications regarding this RFP to the email SolarRFP@mnpower.com with the independent evaluator copied at rebecca@levelizedconsulting.com.


Minnesota Power RFP Team