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Virtual Presentation: Energy Storage Value Proposition

Published:February 26, 2021

On February 24, 2021, NAEMA presented Energy Storage Value Proposition by Ron Kiecana, Senior Vice President – Development; Ram Krishnan, Chief Technology Officer; and Akshay Ladwa, Vice President – ESS Engineering; from BrightNight

In their presentation, Ron, Ram, and Akshay discussed the rapid growth of energy storage installations due to higher grid penetration of renewables and declining costs. Their presentation covered energy storage’s different uses and value propositions across generation, transmission and distribution sectors; real world examples for how customers can use energy storage to help address the grid challenge in transitioning to a low carbon future; and potential storage technology options and the considerations for selecting different storage technologies. The presentation was followed by a robust Q&A period.  This was one of NAEMA’s most attended virtual presentations.