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Virtual Presentation: Managing Renewables & Storage within Modern Energy Portfolios

Published:March 24, 2021

On March 24, 2021, NAEMA presented Managing Renewables & Storage within Modern Energy Portfolios by Brock Mosovsky, Ph.D., Vice President of Analytics at cQuant

In his presentation, Brock discussed why traditional portfolio management strategies designed for fleets of dispatchable thermal generation assets are becoming obsolete as intermittent renewable generation continues to grow its share of a rapidly evolving electricity supply mix.  He highlighted the volumetric uncertainty inherent to wind and solar generation, the erosion effect renewables can have on market prices, and the complex interplay across geographies, contract types, and asset classes all require a modified approach.  He also discussed the new “state of the art” in analytical techniques for managing renewable-heavy energy portfolios and how battery storage technology can play a key role.