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Engie Request for Offers – Wind and Solar

Published:February 22, 2024

NAEMA is pleased to announce this Request for Offers for our member Engie.

2024 Wind & Solar Request for Offers

Issuance Date: 2/22/2024

Response Deadline: 3/13/2024

Engie Energy Marketing NA, Inc. (EEMNA) is soliciting offtake offers for new and operational solar and wind projects located in PJM and ERCOT. EEMNA is seeking offers that meet the following criteria:

  • Project Type: Wind or Solar
  • Markets:
    • Wind or Solar: PJM (West/AD/NI) & ERCOT (North/Houston/South)
    • Wind Only: ERCOT West
  • Nameplate Capacity Dedicated to Transaction: 50-200MW
  • Project Status: Operational or New Build
  • Start Date: 2024-2026
  • Term: 3-12 Years
  • Deal Type: Physical or Financial
  • Product: As-Produced, Fixed Shape, open to other structures
  • Transaction Document: 2002 ISDA Master Agreement, with a Credit Support Annex, a Power Annex, REC Annex and one or more confirmations reflecting the transaction.

Submission of Offers

Please complete (1) the attached offer form which includes developer and project information, pricing proposals, and 12×24 schedule, and (2) an executed counterpart of the attached Confidentiality Agreement. The deadline for submitting offers is March 13th at 5PM CT. Responses are immediately welcome and will be evaluated on a rolling basis through the deadline. Submissions and all questions regarding this RFO should be directed to nathan.adams@engie.com.

2024 EEMNA Wind and Solar RFO 2

2024 EEMNA Wind and Solar RFO Offer Form

EEMNA-Confidentiality Agreement

Disclaimer: This document does not constitute an offer or commitment by any person and is without legal effect.  Any written or oral communications not ultimately included in a definitive agreement may not be relied upon by any person and will not create any obligation on the part of any person, and each party shall, in its sole discretion, determine whether to enter into any definitive agreement.  Further, this document and any related materials or discussions do not constitute any form of advice, recommendation, or arrangement by EEMNA or any other person or entity.  EEMNA reserves the right to reject any offer or to cease discussions related to an offer at any time and for any reason until such time as a definitive agreement is executed.